BECOME YOUR OWN HERO AGAIN | Book Launch Day!! | Leonard Weekly 17

This week, Leonard heads to HomeHouse members club for the release of his new book "Become Your Own Hero Again!" Leonard finalizes the audiobook recording of his book and heads to his sold-out book launch event in central London.


Through a series of practical steps, Leonard helps the reader to challenge negative thinking, break away from toxic relationships and rebuke social conditioning. He illustrates how to set realistic short and long term goals which are not limited by doubts, worries or fears. As Leonard encourages the reader to aim high, then go higher, it becomes abundantly clear that the only barriers to success, wealth and happiness are those imposed by society, social media and by the relentless pursuit of perfection.

“People often have trouble thinking big when it comes to their lives and careers. The more limitations we have in our minds, the less we will be able to manifest in real life. This book is designed to help you get started because taking those first few steps is all you need to do. You are already complete and have everything.” Leonard Sekyonda

Become Your Own Hero Again: By Leonard Sekyonda - The Step By Step Guide To Making Your See, Who You Forgot You Can Be!

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Leonard Sekyonda