“It’s not about who you’ve been, it’s about reminding you who you Are”

PRIVATE COACHING (Life & Business)

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of my people in overcoming all the psychological barriers holding them back from the success they have the potential to achieve – and I’m certain I can do the same for you.

If you are truly ready to take the most important step in taking your entrepreneurial skills to a whole new level and overcoming any thresholds that are keeping you stuck – your entire career situation can change foundationally, today!


Are you ready to leave YOUR future and the future of projects important to you, to chance?

Of course not – take all aspects of your life into your hands and learn all the necessary tools and strategies being used by the top performers.

Get my professional life coaching and empower yourself with the unique opportunity to see all the limiting beliefs, negative patterns and blocks vanish – leaving you an open road towards achieving all of the goals you’ve set for yourself.

With my premium life coaching, you are going to receive all the resources, skills and knowledge you could possibly need to lay a solid foundation for lasting success of the new you. Your future awaits – it’s time to claim it now!

With my professional life coaching services, you will:

  • Enjoy seeing complete clarity when it comes to defining your goals and visions

  • Get Invaluable tools & resources enabling you to overcome your psychological barriers and obstacles

  • Learn the right mindset showing you how to unleash your full potential and let your talent shine through

  • Develop a clear action plan leading you to achieving your Goals and understand how to execute it in the most efficient manner

  • Shatter Limiting Beliefs that are keeping you away from the Success you want

  • Feel the benefits of eliminating all the negative behavior patterns and blocks negatively influencing your determination, creativity and motivation

  • Enjoy a new sense decisiveness in all your business endeavors

  • Skyrocket your productivity

  • Carry yourself with the professional confidence all highest quality entrepreneurs exude

  • Hear the stories of others who succeeded where you want to succeed

Professional coaching brings many powerful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.

If you are serious about taking yourself to a whole new level – this Life Coaching is most probably the best decision you’ll make this year.


Book a private coaching with Leonard Sekyonda.

1HR online coaching - £500

  • Skype (1 hour)

Private person coaching - £1,500 per month (3 month minium) - (exclusive to EU)

  • 2 Private Coaching meet-ups per month


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Book a corporate coaching with Leonard Sekyonda.

Price ranging from £1,500 - £2,000 depending on the number of attendees.

Limited spots available.

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